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USAID Africa Indoor Residual Spraying

Working across 23 countries in sub-Saharan Africa as well as Cambodia, the PMI VectorLink Project is equipping countries to plan and implement safe, cost-effective and sustainable IRS programs and other proven, life-saving malaria vector control interventions with the overall goal of reducing the burden of malaria.

Specifically, the PMI VectorLink Project will build the capacity of country governments to use epidemiological, entomological, and coverage data to support the optimal deployment of vector control tools within each country context while promoting gender equity in all facets of planning and implementation. The project’s data and experience with new and existing vector control tools will inform global malaria best practices, guidelines and policies. The project will also implement and support social behavior change communication and mobilization activities to increase acceptance of vector control interventions.

In Ghana, PMI has been implementing IRS in the Northern region since 2008. Abt Associates has been implementing the program since 2011 under Africa IRS project, and starting in January 2018 under VectorLink Project.

Partner Information

  • Lead Implementer: Abt Associates
  • Sub Partners: Population Services International and Path along with the support of Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, Malaria Consortium, Innovative Vector Control Consortium, McKinsey & Company, Inc., EnCompass LLC, BAO Systems LLC, and Dimagi, Inc.
  • Project Duration: October 2017 – September 2022
  • Country Districts: n/a
  • Technical Areas: Malaria; Indoor Residual Spraying; Vector Control; Entomological Surveillance; Monitoring and Evaluation; SBCC
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PMI VectorLinK Project

Lena Kolyada

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