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Health Keepers Network

HealthKeepers is a social micro-franchise program that applies tested business methods to provide poor rural communities with access to affordable health care products. The HealthKeepers Network’s (HKN) goal is to have 2,500 HealthKeepers actively reaching 50% of the undeserved and rural communities of Ghana by 2016. HKN’s approach is similar to that of a door-to-door salesman in which a neighborhood woman becomes the local sales representative, or a HealthKeeper, for a line of health products and services. These HealthKeepers sell the basic health-promoting products in their communities. As the franchisor, the HKN provides the HealthKeepers with training on how to manage simple ailments of common occurrence, sales, health promotion and health products, among others. The mix of products are sold directly and address common but deadly health problems while also building a revenue source for the women. The products sold by the HealthKeepers include a mix of high impact, reasonably priced health-promoting products, such as insecticide-treated mosquito nets to prevent malaria, oral rehydration salts to protect infants and children from diarrhea-related death, home water-treatment tablets to ensure a safe water supply, contraceptives to enable family planning and other carefully selected services and personal care products.

Partner Information

  • Lead Implementer: HealthKeepers Network
  • Sub Partners: n/a
  • Project Duration: 2008-present
  • Country Districts: n/a
  • Technical Areas: Family Planning/Reproductive Health; Malaria and Other Vector Borne Diseases; Primary Care; Gender
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Daniel Mensah

Executive Director